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“The level of service at Ambush GunSmithing is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism I received from Armin and everyone I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Ambush GunSmithing was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the service I received Keep up the good work!”
I found Ambush Gunsmithing searching for a and spoke with Armin and have him repair my Rifle. THANKS FOR THE FAST TURN AROUND AND A GREAT JOB.
I had been to with some repair work needed to have on each one the problem repeated after the repairs. My friend Barry was taking with other friend telling them how his jamming problem has  So I ask? he sent me to see and all is good. ( 300 rounds works great) Thanks much.  Khris M. 4/28/13
I just had my EMF outlaw 45 Colt action work on, it was a bit rough I had gunsmithing work done to the timing of the cylinder put 25 rounds through it great. Thanks again Vick 9/10/13
 coming along nicely now to get the web page up to the same standards as the company in real life.. : ) GREAT work Ambush Gunsmithing* just like the quality of your gunsmithing!!
William Starr 9/22/13
 "I had repair work done on my shotgun and my security 6 reblued did a really good job on both. very happy..." - (FL)
 I just had my new scope install by Ambush on my 30.06 6 shots at  1/4" @ 100 yds I am a happy camper Jake M 12/29/13
My friend Mark used Ambush Gunsmithing to have his shotgun restored and blue and it so had mine done and what a great job, thumbs up five stars.
P. Davie 02/04/14
I Had gun work done at Ambush Gunsmithing good I will be Back with my coupon.
Sal C. Coral Springs 02/08/2014
Ambush for a great job oh welding my bolt handle back on; good job. Tiny H. Plantation 3/3/14
It good to see that there's a good in town and damn good too!
Franklin Davie FL.
This guy is a guy great work in restoring my Marlin 30-30 action work removed rust and blued looks and works like new and the was worth it.
Sam W March 22,14 Sunrise
I have to be honest today when I went to visit my first Gunsmith I didn't know what to expect. immediately treated me like a friend and displayed such an extension of knowledge that I knew I had come to the right place. All I can say I made a friend. Thank you!!! and please keep doing what you do....... Kyle.....
I have to say for my first visit to a Gunsmith I did not know what to expect. Armin let me know that I not only made an amazing business contact but made a friend. I would recommend Ambush-Gunsmithing anytime. Thank Armin!!!! You are my GUY........
I just Ambush Gunsmithing to work on my 23 was looking to trigger job for to establish a trigger pull of 3.5 pull and wanted a nice smooth trigger feel when I must say that's just what get.
Thanks much for a great job. Kim Plantation 2/23/15
Very Impressive. It's hard to find someone that actually does good work in a timely manner. I created a problem that I could no longer solve and Ambush Gunsmithing not only stepped in to correct my mistake but then proceeded to completely overhaul my gun. Competitive pricing didn't hurt either. Armin worked hard to exceed my expectations. I am in the process of bringing more guns to him. Great work and a great guy!
Armin is awesome! I had an issue with one of my rifles and took him and I tell just from talking to him right away he was a good guy. I thought it would take at least a few days and most likely a week or so because I didn't call in advance but was a walk in. Surprisingly, the very next day at noon I got word that my gun was ready to roll. He fixed my issue and changed what wanted and it's beautiful. The price is great for the amazing job and I couldn't believe how fast it was done. Fear not with Armin, he is the BEST! I feel as if struck gold looking for a gunsmith and making the decision to go to him instead of anyone else. Armin!!!! -JAY (Davie, FL.)
Sometimes in life you just get lucky. I stepped into good luck with Armin, he has worked on my AR, my Ruger, with great results. He is currently working on my CZ. Excellent work, craftsmanship from a nice guy. I went in looking for a good Smith, left with that and a trusted friend. I take my guns in and Armin does what he feels he needs to do. any better than that. Carl Cooper City

After trying several gun shop I come across Ambush Gunsmithing not a gun shop to my surprise Armin is a private
gunsmith who likes to work by recommendation and that how I meet Armin from my friend who had Armin do some
work on his 1911, I had Armin install my scope on my Winchester and I will say I was a little concern on how much I had invested on the scope, I will and I am 100 per % recommending Ambush Gunsmithing to my friends. 
Thank you Armin great job.
Jake Margate Fl.

Hi My Name is Peter for the few month I have been asking around gun ranges if knew of a good!... local gunsmith and most had recommended Ambush Gunsmithing so I called and spoke with Armin the gunsmith, after speaking with him I decided to his service's, the moral of this statement is I am happy I did. 7/3/16 

I would like to say that after meeting Armin the gunsmith and speaking with him about restoring my M1 A
rifle and looking the restoration work he did even though I felt his price was a Little high I am very happy
with the end results very professional. Matt d. Margate Sept 17/16

I have been using AmbushGunsmithing for the 5 I had  Duracoat finish, Cerakote finish, Gun
finish, Restoration work, trigger jobs, gold plating work and much more and I can say Armin has done
a great job on all my work Thank you Arm
Plantation 10/31/16turn on to

Today is a good day after years of working with some who are still around and some who are
not I was on to Armin the gunsmith by a shooter at the range he was shooting his AR15 and 
had to ask what brand  are you using and he said I am using my stock trigger that came with my AR
I had bought a $249.00 trigger that was to give me about 3 1/2 LB trigger pull when I ask the gunsmith
how much would he charge to install the trigger and trigger to 3 1/2 LB he how much did you pay for
your trigger I said $249.00 and he said plus the $60.00 I am charging you for a total of $309.00 for your trigger job
what if I use your stock trigger and he said, I can make it as good or better than the one you just bought
and set it between 3 and 3 1/2 LB pull for just $180.00 I returned the trigger and this is it trigger job
this is real I had my trigger done and it pulls between 2 1/2 and 3 LB happy with his work.
 I have many guns of all types and have a lot of custom work done to my collection I started using Armin about one year ago he's worked on seven of my guns from trigger job, scope, sight, porting, threading barrel cleaning, restoration  the gunsmith doing the work on my guns and the list goes on, I have been very happy with his work and I do recommend him as he was to me.
Art William C Ft Laud Feb 2,17

 I am happy to a gunsmith close to me I have in to have my browning shotgun work on, would not feed
from and would not fire from after a good it should, the price
was far and the work and turn around was great.
John P. Sunrise
June 23,17

        It's great to have a local gunsmith shop nearby and most of all one the actually know what they are doing. Thank you for your go work. Peter G. Ft. Laud 9/23/17 

I recently bought a custom AR15 from these guy's and it is awesome shots great feeds great trigger pull 3lbs
and looks awesome thank you very much.
Matt W. 3/27/18 Davie.

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