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Ambush GunSmithing - Keep it clean, keep it safe.
All about getting it Done!!!
repairs custom work restored
and custom build
Pick your custom work 
Painted chrome finish by AGS 
Painted chrome finish by AGSPainted chrome finish by AGS 


Custom AR colorsAdd a bolt handle to your AR
Custom Handle gripsCustom AR Stocks
Custom Receivers 
spring replacement.Custom AR Shop PartsCustom AR BarrelsDokota 357 new spring 

H&R 32 reset timing 

up grade and custom work 


380 acp Izhevsk Russian Repairedback down and complete cleaning 
and it works

painted Ruger trigger guard

spring lock replacedSig new night sights and feed polish

Blued Band morning stripes

Benelli new custom handel and ejection plate
up grade and custom work

Custom built Arisaka 7.7mm

M1 30 carbine new built

up grade and custom work

Sig 290 P polish barrel
AR 15 all new custom built

30/30 Winchester lever action repair
Stock and forend restored

AK 47 modified with new stock and forend
Ruger 10/22 custom built

PTR 91 308cal we repair all type.Lever rail mount and sighting.


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